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General Base Oil Ingredient Explanation:

Olive Oil: A traditional emollient used in soap because it is mild and gives a "moisturized feel" to the soap.

Sunflower Oil: Very similar to olive oil with a lighter/cleaner feel to it.

Palm Oil: When we use palm we use organic "sustainable" palm, for the reasons of deforestation in tropical regions. The palm oil which is a renewable and sustainable resource.

Coconut Oil: One word . . . Lather. Coconut adds to hardness and creates "big bubbles" in soap. A little goes a long way.

Essential Oil and Natural Fragrance Explanation:

Essential Oil is a naturally derived plant fluid (usually by distillation of the plant) extracted from bark, leaf, or petals of the plant. Essential oil is usually a "pure", single plant oil.

What is "Fragrance"?

This is an ambiguous title used to note any amount of aromatic chemicals used (natural and/or unnatural origin) to create an aroma for a product. 

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