Edward's Kool Kreations

   Handmade Soaps and more . . .

I know there are a ton of you who love the "scrubby" soaps  -- those soaps that exfoliate and help remove the dead cells from your skin to keep it fresh and bright!  At every show, I am asked which soaps are the ones that have loofah, seeds, oatmeal or the like. 

In response to this, I made a special line of "scrubby" soaps in addition to the ones I was already making.  There is no need to wash with soap, then use your scrub and finally moisturize.  It is all included in one bar of "scrubby" soap!!

"Scrubby" Soaps:

Lavender Oatmeal with Goat Milk - Fresh ground lavender and oatmeal

Koala Kraze - Fresh ground lavender with eucalyptus, cinnamon, cloves and poppyseeds

Lavender with Flowers - Fresh ground lavender with lavender buds

Wildflowers with Oatmeal - Fresh ground wildflowers and oatmeal

Vanilla Oatmeal with Goat Milk - Oatmeal

Monkey Farts (Best Seller) - Poppyseeds

Peppermint Tea Tree - Fresh peppermint leaves with tea tree oil

Pomegranate Pear - Fresh blueberry seeds

Raspberry Lemonade - Fresh strawberry seeds

Cypress & Berries (Seasonal) - Fresh strawberry seeds

Merry Mistletoe (Seasonal) - Oatmeal

Holiday Cheer (Seasonal) - Poppyseeds

Unscented Oatmeal with Goat Milk - Oatmeal