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What is Shea Butter?

Shea Butter continues to be a hot additive for the cosmetic industry. So many people ask me at craft shows, "What is Shea Butter?"

So the short answer I give at shows is: Shea Butter is a moisturizer produced from a tree grown in Africa. They take the fruit from the tree, remove the nut/seed from the fruit and "cook" or render it into a butter. It is what African women have used for centuries to moisturize.

It is transdermal and soaks down into the layers of your skin. It does not just sit on the skin and feel "moist" -- it actually soaks in and conditions your skin. It is also known as a healing oil for these reasons and is thought to help in these skin conditions:

1. Itchy or dry skin

2. Skin rash

3. Sunburn or peeling skin after a burn

4. Blemishes and wrinkles

5. Small skin wounds or cracks

6. Shave cream for a silky smooth shave

7. Tough, rough calloused skin (like on feet)

8. Cold weather and frost bite

9. Stretch mark prevention during pregnancy

10. Insect bites and skin allergies like poison ivy

11. Healthy skin

12. Muscle fatigue, aches and pains

13. Before and after strenuous exercise

14. Eczema

15. Psoriasis

16. Dermatitis