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Why Handmade Soap?


1. You DESERVE it!!

2. You MAY actually need it!!

Skin is our biggest organ so keeping it healthy and well maintained is necessary for our total well-being. For normal, dry or sensitive skin, our handmade soaps offer skin loving oils and additives that moisturize and soothe. 

Handmade soaps will NOT dry your skin like most soaps due to its natural glycerin. Glycerin (a by-product of soap making) is a humectant, drawing moisture to help revitalize your skin cells.

Most of our soaps have natural essential oils for their healing and aromatherapy value, some have a soap 'fragrance," while others are fragrance free.

Always remember to use a soap dish that will allow your bar to dry as it will add greatly to your soap's life. One of our wooden soap dishes works great, or any good dish that holds your bar out of the water will do. 

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